A single ensuite room in the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter buildings

We guarantee a high-quality and affordable room on our central site will be available to you for every year of your course - which means that you'll always be living within just a few minutes of the Hall, the Library, and your friends.

Your room will be fully furnished with a desk, bed, wardrobe and drawers. There are also some en-suite rooms available. A housekeeping service is provided by the College Scouts to help you keep everything in order. There are laundry rooms in every building and shared kitchens for self catering.

Average room costs (as of 2021/2022):

Single rooms with shared bathrooms - £23.41 per night (incl. bills) / £1310.96 per term.

Ensuite rooms - £25.75 per night (incl. bills) / £1442 per term.

Scroll down to see some photos and video bedroom tours of the sort of rooms you might live in each year if you study at Somerville. More photos of the different accommodation blocks can also be seen on the JCR Blog.

Student Bedroom Tours - Vaughan and Penrose Rooms
First Year

You will be assigned a place to stay before arriving at Somerville, and this room in the Park Building (named after our former principal Daphne Park and usually referred to simply as 'Park') is one possibility. Around a quarter of freshers live in this building in rooms like this. Another two thirds live in the Vaughan Building (named after Janet Vaughan). As this building hosts both the College Bar and the undergraduate Common Room, it's one of the most sociable parts of College and there's always something going on. The Darbishire Building (named after Helen Darbishire and often referred to as 'Darbs') houses the remaining first years.

Second Year

A typical second year room in the Park building. Your room in second year is chosen in advance through a ballot, and there are lots of great options across the site.

Final Year

Finalists have priority on undergraduate rooms and tend to opt for the spacious accommodation of the Dorothy Hodgkin Quadrangle (usually referred to as DHQ), which is pictured here. The preferred alternative of finalists is a room in one of the two Radcliffe Observatory Quarter buildings. A room here (pictured at the top of the page behind the title) is en-suite in addition to being one of the most modern in the college.


We recognise that our students like to have choice over their food arrangements. Kitchens are available in every accommodation block so that you can have every option when it comes to your meals.