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We want to offer as much support as possible during the lockdown to pupils as they consider their next steps in education.

Although schools can't come to visit us in person at the moment, you are more than welcome to book a virtual 'visit' to Somerville through this form.

We've also put together some of the information that we would normally give you on a school visit - please see below.

What is University? What is Oxford?

For information about how university works, what makes Oxford different, and what the application process looks like, watch this video

In a rush? Watch this 15 minute version instead.

Applying to Oxford or Cambridge

For some useful advice on choosing a course at university, click here.

For guidance about making a good application to Oxford (or Cambridge), you might like this video

If you'd like information about how to write a competitive personal statement, this is a more detailed video.

For guidance on interviews, please see this short video recording from our recent remote interview workshops, which includes some general interview advice as well as some technical guidance for the 2020 virtual interviews.

For subject-specific advice, check out our Q&As with tutors, live-streamed during the university's Virtual Open Days:

  • Click this link for English, Physics, Biochemistry, PPE, Biology, Classics/Ancient History, Linguistics, Chemistry, Law, History, Engineering, and Maths.
  • Click this one for Psychology, Music, Maths, Computer Science, Medicine, French, Biology, and Philosophy.
  • Click this link for Maths, Physics, History, English, Computer Science, Psychology and Medicine.
Choosing a College

Not sure how to choose a college? Watch this video to find out what a college is, and this video for some tips to help you decide.

Or, click here to find out why our students think Somerville is the best!

Physical tours are out for now, but the Chemistry department have made a virtual tour of the University of Oxford including some great 360 images of Somerville, and more can be found on the main university website here.

You could also watch this virtual tour of our college, or this video of two of our students showing you round.

You can also see some photos of Somerville's buildings and the different student accommodation we have available here.

Finally, have a look at the Virtual Open Days website for information about all the colleges and departments at Oxford.

Teacher Resources

Digital resources from across the university to aid teachers and students in home study can be found here.

And finally, if you’re a teacher looking for further info and resources to support your students’ education, have a look here.

Chat to our current students

Want to find out more about life at Somerville and Oxford from a student perspective? Watch this Q&A with some of our students from last year's open days or browse our students' profiles and start a conversation here.