Living in Somerville means that you get to know people quickly and easily, and everyone has interests in common. From our elegant and well-stocked library to our modern gym, you will have access to everything you need for your work and your hobbies at Somerville.

The Gym

The College's small but clean and modern gym is rarely empty during term times. Use is free for members of the College Rowing and Rugby clubs, or available for a small annual fee to anyone else in Somerville.


The College has a large, soundproof music room equipped with a drum kit and a grand piano. The room is an ideal space for your personal practice or ensemble rehearsals. The Chapel can also be booked for music practice, and houses the College organ and another grand piano. These facilities are firmly on offer to all Somervillians, rather than simply those studying for a degree in Music. Read more about Somerville's musical life here.

The Chapel

Somerville is home to the oldest non-denominational chapel in the University. A space for all religions, the chapel hosts everything from concerts to yoga classes and meditation sessions and booking it is very straightforward. Every Sunday during term time you can attend Choral Contemplation, our unique interpretation of the Oxford choral tradition through a non-denominational lens. Music sung by the choir is paired with readings, thoughts and a talk from a variety of different religious and spiritual traditions. Speakers can range from Buddhist monks to Imams to scholars of Judaism to atheist philosophers.

Somerville College chapel

The Library

Somerville prides itself on its Library provisions. With 120,000 items in our collection, including 95,000 on the shelves for open access - making it one of the largest College libraries in Oxford - and 24/7 opening hours, our students have a convenient and comfortable resource for their studies.

To find out more about the library, why not have a look at their page?

Library gallery


The Junior Common Room

Undergraduate students, graduates and Fellows each have their own common rooms in the college. The Junior Common Room - or JCR for short - is located in the Vaughan building and acts as a chill out and social space for undergraduate students. The Junior Common Room also elects a committee to represent you in College decision making and ensure that your voice is heard.


Our sports facilities include access to playing fields and tennis courts shared with Wadham and St Hughs colleges located close to Cherwell School. We also have a boat house on the River Thames. Find out more about sports at Somerville here.