Oxford is one of the most generous universities in the UK in terms of its financial support packages for students, and one in five Somerville students receives a bursary.

Please email admissions@some.ox.ac.uk with any enquiries about fees and funding.

It's important to remember that Oxford doesn't cost any more than any other UK university.

In fact, our terms are shorter than most other universities, so your accommodation costs will be lower. And because the whole city is set up for student life - with great libraries, cheap transport and a really affordable social life - your money goes further.

If you find yourself in hardship at any point during your degree, we will be able to help. You will never have to balance the academic demands of Oxford with trying to work part-time to support yourself.

Read below to find out more about the forms of financial support available at Somerville.


The Thatcher Scholarships, awarded on the basis of academic merit, cover 100% of University Course fees and also provide a grant towards living expenses, allowing you to graduate free of debt.

To be considered for the scholarship, you must first be accepted onto a course at the University of Oxford through the usual admissions process.

UK, EU and Islands undergraduates will be considered for the scholarships after their first public examinations, usually at the end of the first year. The scholarship will cover the costs of the first year. Overseas students will be considered once they have been offered a place to study at Somerville College.

Bursaries and hardship funds

Bursaries and scholarships are available for UK students from lower-income households and there are also individual scholarship schemes you can apply for if you get a place at Oxford. Meals and accommodation are heavily subsidised by the College, reducing the overall cost of your time here. There are emergency funds available from us if you find yourself in financial difficulties unexpectedly at any point.

Development Awards

Every year students can apply for Somerville Development Awards to pursue their personal and intellectual development. Our students have found innovative ways to put this funding to good use, from taking a comedy sketch show to the Edinburgh fringe to pursuing conservation research in Guyana.

These projects will enable you to strengthen your CV and enhance your academic development - and hopefully you'll have some fun too.

You could follow in the footsteps of Gideon Laux, who used the development award to fund a pilot scheme of a sustainable solar energy solution for rural India.

Gideon Laux helps a local indian rural shopkeeper to install a solar panel on his roof
Gideon Laux helps a local indian rural shopkeeper to install a solar panel on his roof