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The skills and knowledge you acquire at Somerville will make you highly sought-after by employers. If you have a concept for your own business, we can help you turn your idea into reality. As a Somervillian, you will also become part of a global network of alumni who can support your career.

From the moment you arrive, we will support you to succeed not only during your studies but beyond. You can access one-to-one mentoring for help with applications and career decisions and draw on the expertise of the worldwide Somerville family through our online mentoring platform.

Read below to find out more about the ways we help you to land a great job after studying:

Anthemos Georgiades stares off into the distance
Anthemos Georgiades, alumnus, entrepreneur
My time at Somerville changed the course of my life. The relationships I built with my professors and peers helped shape my understanding of what I wanted from my career. And while doing this, I also happened to make over a dozen lifelong friends.
Career Advice

You can access one to one mentoring through the Somerville Development Programme to help you with your applications. Our Programme Director Claire Cockcroft has worked as both a research scientist and as a communications consultant, so she has a wide base of professional experience to advise you on careers in multiple industries and on further studies.

Development Awards

The Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust makes several awards each year of up to £2000 to fund volunteering projects or unpaid internships around the world over your summer break. Previous awards have seen Somervillians travel to India to pilot a social enterprise aimed at bringing electricity to rural areas and teach girls in Bolivia. The experiences funded by the scheme have allowed our students to develop their business ideas and gain invaluable experience as they move forward to careers in social policy and non-government organisations - or something else entirely.

Online Mentoring Platform

Through our new mentoring platform, you can connect directly with hundreds of Somervillians across the world working in a range of industries to access their expertise. You might be looking to get an industry insider to look at your CV, phone a professional to find out about life in the field you are interested in, or get information to help you change career or level up in your current one. The platform is free and easy to use, and open to all of our students.